Calibration BankProbes Unlimited provides comprehensive calibration services for their custom precision temperature sensors.

Their calibration lab can offer calibration NIST certificates from -40-400 degrees centigrade. We can also provide volume sorting capabilities for tight tolerance requirements.

Temperature calibration can be accomplished in a variety of ways and with various degrees of accuracy. As with any calibration, a standard must be used. The standards used in temperature calibration can come in different forms but must be certified with an accuracy that is traceable to a national standard – NIST.

Calibration test

In industrial applications, temperature calibration usually involves thermistors or thermocouples. These are devices used to accurately measure temperature. Readings from these devices can be compared with less accurate field temperature sensors and used to evaluate the viability of those devices or to perform a temperature calibration.

Many manufacturing processes use heat to modify product characteristics. In some cases, precise temperature control is essential to ensure fitness for purpose and a paper trail (temperature logs plus evidence of calibration) verifies the manufacturer took appropriate steps to maintain the quality of the items produced. Calibration of temperature sensors is an essential part of this activity.