Temperature probes have been designed, manufactured and assembled for Aerospace applications for many years. The Aerospace industry requires extremely high levels of precision, repeatability, accuracy and durability. For applications where failure is not an option, Probes excels at fulfilling customer specifications and providing consultative input when requested.

Our approach follows a staged process focused on customer requirement analysis, design specifications, risk assessments, design concepts, prototyping and review/testing cycles to confirm or further refine development of the end product.

The most common aerospace temperature probes or sensors are Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTDs) due to their wide temperature range and superior repeatability and stability over time. Thermocouples and thermistors are also used in select applications. Probes’ custom and standard RTDs, thermocouples and thermistors are available to meet specific application requirements for installation, performance, and reliability.

How the temperature probe is designed and built influences the probes’ measurement stability, resistance to vibration and shock, thermal time response, resistance to corrosive media and other key performance characteristics.

Over the years, Probes has designed a wide range of standard and custom temperature probes. Probes integrates in-house assembly and project management to support our standard and custom design capabilities. In the Aerospace industry, where failure is not an option, Probes delivers reliable, durable and accurate temperature probes that meet customer requirements and rigorous specifications.

Please contact us for assistance in designing and assembling the standard or custom temperature probe that fits your application.